FungeX Nail Fungus Pen & Brush

FungeX Nail Fungus Pen & Brush

2 Devices, same effective results
The FungeX Nail Fungus Pen and Brush contain ingredients that help to quickly treat nail fungus and improve the appearance of the infected nail. FungeX pen and Brush kills the fungus within 20 seconds and prevents the spread of the infection and helps to prevent re-infection.


  • Kills fungus on the nail within 20 seconds
  • 100% effective against nail fungus
  • Prevents spread of the infection and helps to prevent re-infection
  • Proven effective formula against nail fungus

How to use FungeX Nail Fungus Pen or Brush

Step 1

Clean the nail and remove nail varnish before each application. No filing of the nail is necessary prior to use. Apply twice daily for the first four weeks of use.

Step 2

Apply once daily thereafter until a healthy-looking nail has replaced the damaged nail. The solution must be applied to the entire surface of the nail and under the nailtip.

Step 3

Re-cap the brush tightly after each use. FungeX Nail Fungus Brush 3in1 contains sufficient solution for approximately 400 applications.

FungeX Nail Fungus Pen user manual

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FungeX Nail Fungus Brush user manual

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