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Nail Fungus Plaster

FungeX Nail Fungus Plaster is the first clinically tested and proven to be an effective nail care plaster in the world to treat nail fungus at the source of the problem.

  • Intensive 8h treatment
  • Visible results in just 1 week - Clinically proven
  • Stimulates growth of the nail (33%)
  • Patented formulation
  • Easy to use plaster
  • Treats and prevents nail fungus
  • No filing required

FungeX nail fungus plaster treats nail fungus through 3 crucial actions:

  1. UREA (17%dissolves the nails’ keratin layer allowing effective penetration of the anti fungal agent
  2. 1,3 BYTYLENE GLYCOL is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and has a humectant and §keratolytic effect  
  3. FUMARIC ACID has exfoliating and hydrating properties

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Nail Fungus Pen & Brush

2 Devices, same effective results

FungeX Nail Fungus Brush & Pen are proven effective against nail fungus, kills the fungus within 20 seconds and prevents the spread of the infection and helps to prevent re-infection.

  • Kills fungus on the nail within 20 seconds!
  • 100% effective against nail fungus
  • Prevents spread of the infection and helps to prevent re-infection
  • Proven effective formula against nail fungus

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