FungeX Athlete's Foot Socks

FungeX Athlete's Foot Socks is the ultimate way to soothe red, sensitive and irritated skin between the toes and feet. FungeX Athlete's Foot Socks is a single and hygienic application. FungeX Athlete's Foot Socks reduces irritation and unpleasant smell.

FungeX Athlete's Foot Socks 

  • A single and hygienic application
  • Easy and fast for the entire foot
  • Reduces irritation and unpleasant smell
  • Soothes the skin and reduces redness of the skin
  • Red sensitive and irritated skin between the toes and feet
  • Convenient and hygienic sock application
  • Support the production of healthy skin
  • One size fits all (up to size 48 EU)
  • FungeX Athlete's Foot Socks is a cosmetic product

FungeX Athlete's Foot Socks

How to use

Remove any products from your feet, e.g. nail polish, prior to use. Use a scissor to cut the FungeX Athlete's Foot Socks along the indicated lines.

Place socks over your feet and make sure its fits comfortable. Seal the socks with the adhesive straps.

Wear socks for 30 minutes, longer does no harm but does not increase the efficacy. After 30 minutes remove the socks. No need to wash off, just let your feed dry naturally.

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